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Swan Lake - A Sylvan Fantasy

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The Scent Story …


One is transported to a mystic lake in a forgotten forest, filled with strange and fragrant life.

Blue moonlight and white swan maidens float through a clearing 

Ethereal scents float in the night as they dance - breathtaking in their sadness.


The memories of my youth, being transported by the ballet “Swan Lake”.


This blend is unlike anything I have created before, with a unique mixture of rare aromatic plants and light floral notes you can’t quite define,  flowing together gracefully.

Not too sweet, but cool and natural with a touch of mystery



It contains the following (and some secret ingredients :)



Ledum leaves -

A fragrant evergreen shrub found in peaty soils in northern Europe, Asia, and North America, commonly referred to as wild rosemary, marsh tea, marsh rosemary or northern Labrador tea.   In the Rhododendron family.  (wildcrafted  by Be-en-Foret)



Rhododendron Anthopogon Flowers - From Nepal -

Fresh, exotic floral, balsamic with herbal undertone

Very difficult to obtain in the herbal form, our flowers are direct from Nepal

The leaves and flowers have an exotic honey floral aroma with lingering sweet fruity notes. 
Anthopogon is used in Buddhist temples extensively. This is a wonderful calming incense for meditation to help make spiritual connections by opening the mind and heart to a free flow of positive energy through its grounding, calming, and centering properties. One of the most well-known benefits of Rhododendron anthopogon is its ability to quiet an overactive mind



Mint from our garden


Lawudo incense blend from Nepal

Made from a special selection of Junipers, Rhododendrons, and other high-altitude plants gathered in the valleys of the Everest region of Nepal. Its main ingredients, rhododendron leaves, and flowers, are collected at the Lawudo Retreat Center, a Buddhist nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal.



Linden Essential oil

Although linden blossom grows widely and is used as an herb, the essential oil is hard to come by. It is cultivated limitedly and mostly in France.

The Linden tree features prominently in poetry, songs, and literature and was also a highly symbolic and hallowed tree to the Germanic people in their native pagan mythology.


Chios Mastic resin


Oman Royal Green and White Frankincense


Intended for use on an Electric Incense Heater at Temp around 220-240 C


This is the price for Swan Lake in a 2oz jar, topped with fragrant Anthopogon Flowers

It has many fresh and delicate ingredients, so try to use it within the year. Limited supply



Swan Lake origins

The first is a German story called The Stolen Veil by Johann Karl August Musäus. This story is about a young soldier named Friedbert who discovers a flock of enchanted swans. Every night the swans become maidens when they remove their crowns and veils to bathe in the lake. Friedbert steals one of the veils to prevent the youngest maiden from returning to her swan form and turns her into his bride. This story very closely resembles the Swedish fairy tale The Swan Maiden, although this one has a happier ending.


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