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Sunlight - Fresh Cleansing Incense


This is a special purification blend of sacred and traditional botanical allies, on sale at a low price, we wish we could send this to all our customers as a healing gift. Make it apart of your day, a time to clear the air and calm the mind. 


Place of a pinch of Sunlight on your heater.

Instantly the scents of sunny gardens and desert sage, Palo Santo, Fragonia, Greek Dittany with White copal, will fill your space.


Bringing with it clarity and purity, as only Sun Light can.


Now is the time to do our inner housekeeping and purifications I wanted to share a blend that is simple yet profoundly bright and beautiful.


Traditional herbs and resins of purification ground into a fine powder.

I recommend using it on the heater to receive all of its natural aromas.


The scent of this blend will cleanse the mind and spirit....We use it every day and find it brings clear energy and freshness to our home




- White Sage, fresh picked from our garden, just before it bloomed

- Greek Sage (so aromatically wonderful!)

- Copal Blanco (clearing and healing )

- Dittany of Crete to dispel negativity

- Palo Santo Wood sprayed with

- Fragonia Essential oil from Australia, Fragonia oil is a wonder...its anti-bacterial properties appear to be just as strong as Tea tree oil, but with a soft lovely scent. 


This blend comes in a 2 oz jar

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