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Pomander - Bitter Orange & Spice




Pomanders have always been seen as a symbol of good health and good fortune.


This is an elegant blend made with the finest ingredients  -


The Amber yumminess of Carmel Benzoin and Labdanum Absolute and Peru Balsam


Aromatic  spices, Saigon Cinnamon, and a hint of Clove


The warm spicey floral note of Rare Carnation Absolute


And the rich mellow citrus of Bitter Orange Essential oil


In a base of superb Green and Silver Frankincense, Kua Crimson, and Yemeni Myrrh with Mysore Sandalwood



The name Pomander comes from the French term “pomme d’ambre” — which roughly translates to “apple of perfume,” or round ornamental sachet. Pomanders originally took many forms, not just the clove and orange variety. In the past, they were carried by the nobility - crafted in silver and gold inlaid with jewels and filigree.  Pomanders, or the practice of carrying or wearing a pomander (often carried in a protective cage of the same name), were popularized in Europe around the late Middle Ages. At this time, pomanders were used for protection against infection, pestilence, and disease.

Although pomanders have been used for ages in religious practices and were sometimes made as religious keepsakes, the form we are most familiar with today, specifically, has its roots in pagan folk craft. A Yule tide tradition …a  clove-covered orange, tied with a gold or red ribbon and sometimes anointed with oils, was originally a charm for recovery, protection, and good luck.


Mysore Sandalwood 

Styrax Liquidambar


Saigon Cinnamon

Pinch of Clove 

Oman Green and Honey Frankincense
Kua Myrrh

Essential Oils and Absolutes:

Special Spice Accord
Bitter orange and orange zest

Peru Balsam/ Vanilla

This price is for 1 oz in an air-tight amber jar

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