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Pan's Earth - Premium Resin Agarwood Blend


The supreme version of our most beloved incense….

This is an extra-fine resin, root, and wood incense. Deep and sensuous notes of earth.  Darkly erotic and redolent with Agarwood and Oud.

You can see the chips of fine agarwood and threads of Vetiver root mixed with rich resins, woods, and our special formula Essential oil blend.

IO Pan...The scents of Earth. 


Black Frankincense (Just in from Oman)

Breu Claro and Copal Negro

Vetiver root and aged Patchouli

Agarwood chips,  powder, and Oud

Pan’s Earth Special Blend Oil

Arbor Vitae Cedar tips

Jatamansi and Costus root

Kua and Yemeni Myrrh

1 oz. comes in an airtight jar

The Call of Pan
I want you to forget right and wrong; to be as happy as the beasts, as careless as the flowers and the birds. To live to the depths of your nature as well as to the heights. Truly there are stars in the heights and they will be a garland for your forehead. But the depths are equal to the heights. Wondrous deep are the depths, very fertile is the lowest deep. There are stars there also, brighter than the stars on high. The name of the heights is Wisdom and the name of the depths is Love. How shall they come together and be fruitful if you do not plunge deeply and fearlessly? Wisdom is the spirit and the wings of the spirit, Love is the shaggy beast that goes down. Gallantly he dives, below thought, beyond Wisdom, to rise again as high above these as he had first descended. Wisdom is righteous and clean, but Love is unclean and holy. The Crown of Life is not lodged in the sun: the wise gods have buried it deeply where the thoughtful will not find it, nor the good: but the Gay Ones, the Adventurous Ones, the Careless Plungers, they will bring it to the wise and astonish them. All things are seen in the light—How shall we value that which is easy to see? But the precious things which are hidden, they will be more precious for our search: they will be beautiful with our sorrow: they will be noble because of our desire for them. Come away with me, Shepherd Girl, through the fields, and we will be careless and happy, and we will leave thought to find us when it can, for that is the duty of thought, and it is more anxious to discover us than we are to be found.”
- From The Crock of Gold by James Stephens, 1912

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