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Opium - An Oud Fantasy

A fragrance that is nothing short of intoxicating….


“Opium”  is an enchanting incense blend that transports to a realm of pleasure. The name itself hints at the forbidden's allure,  the essence of a narcotic fantasy. 

 Its aroma is a rich fusion of exotics, and deep notes of Oud that stir passion and imagination.



An incense that carries a heady blend of rich Resins, earthy Vetiver, the sweet, heady scent of oriental flowers, and the transcendental aroma of fine Oud.  Each inhalation unveils a complex tapestry of fragrances that dance together in perfect harmony. The warm, resinous undertones provide a soothing, grounding quality, while the floral note of Osmanthus evokes images of distant lands and hidden gardens.

As the incense cake smolders, it creates an ambiance that is at once calming and provocative.   Opium incense invites you to indulge in an intoxicating and otherworldly scent journey.



This price is for .5 oz semi-soft cakes with golden embossed designs, nested in Vetiver roots


Best heated on a Golden Lotus Heater at about 220 C

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