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Mountain Retreat - To cool and refresh


Incense created to cool and refresh …


An escape to a green wilderness with sacred herbs of the Himalayas and Resins and aromas of the forest. Featuring Fir Balsam and fine resins.




Mixed Superior Frankincense - Oman, our finest and freshest


Copal Blanco - Fresh from Oaxaca, cleansing resin of the sun


Himalayan Junipers - wonderfully refreshing Juniper collection Juniper Powder, Juniper Leaves and Berries and Juniper with Rhododendron,



Ganden grass - Originating from the sacred grounds of Gaden Monastery, Ganden Khenpa is also called the “Obstacle-Clearing Grass”. At a time when Tibet was plagued with illnesses, the great Lama Tsongkhapa cut and scattered his hair on the ground. Where his hair fell grew the herbal Ganden Khenpa, which has been used for generations for healing in traditional Tibetan Medicine, and made into incense for purifying spaces and for making offerings to the Buddhas. When burnt, it produces a fresh, grassy scent.


Fir Balsam Resin- Pure, sweet, and golden, directly from Be-en-foret’s  Forest


White Sage -  from our Garden, to clear obstacles and negativity


Lawudo - Made from a special selection of Juniper, Rhododendron, and other high altitude flower and trees gathered in the valleys of the Everest area of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal.


Breu Claro - From Brazil


This price is for 1 oz. in an airtight jar


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