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Lilitu - Spirit of the Night - embossed cakes

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These rich dark incense cakes are made of the finest resins powdered with herbs and roots to inspire dreams and visions of midnight. Each is hand stamped with an Indian woodblock and they have the look of an ancient shard or amulet. The cakes are nested in aged Patchouli and Vetiver roots.



Black Frankincense - Oman

Myrrh - Yemen

Copal Negro - Peru

Costus Root - Tibet

Vetiver root- Haiti

Mysore Sandalwood

Nard - India



Lilitu is a mysterious spirit akin to Lillith, an often misunderstood goddess with a labyrinthine and dark history. Her archetype represents feminine independence and mystery, the Dark of the Moon, and unseen forces of the night.

To discover more about this enigmatic goddess I highly recommend the book “Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess" by Demetra George


This incense is very similar to one of our most beloved blends, Dark Goddess.


This price is for 9 large embossed cakes in a black tin


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