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Jasmine Dreams - Sultan's Green w/ Jasmine


…a dream within a dream


An oneiric incense blend of Sultan’s Green Frankincense, Mysore Sandalwood, Chios Mastic, and Dreaming Herbs of Nepal blended with sensuous Jasmine absolute and relaxing German Chamomile, topped with Blue Lotus petals


A relaxing tea inspired this, so delicious and dreamy I felt I had to try and blend an incense to reflect it.

The Mastic and herbs represent the Green tea scent,  blended with freshly distilled Jasmine sambac, German and Roman Chamomile absolute. All held in a base of Sultan’s Green Frankincense.


Try heating some in your bedroom before you go to bed to aid in lucid dreaming and to help you drift peacefully into slumber.


Or, place some on the heater after work to relax and smooth away the stress of the day.


Any time of day it is a lovely green floral blend I hope you will enjoy.


This price is for 1oz in an amber jar, topped with Blue lotus petals




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