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Incense Amulets - Embossed Pentagram


Incense amulets are fragrant charms made of the finest incense blends and embossed with a gold symbol. These have a five-pointed star on each amulet. The incense is a base of finely ground resins and precious woods bound together with macerated golden raisins that have been soaked in Calvados and Brandy. It is a darkly rich aroma. 

These make wonderful ceremonial tokens or sacred fire offerings. 

The Pentagram has many ancient meanings, including light, protection, and balance of the elements.


- Black  Frankincense

 - Myrrh

- Styrax bark soaked in Liquidambar

- Galbanum

- Agarwood powder and oud

- Kua, crimson Myrrh

This price is for 7 Amulets in a black tin

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