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Hygge Fireside Incense - Olfactory Comfort


On a winter night….

Imagine this aroma wafting gently through your space, while you sit by the fireside, or even just by candlelight,  sipping a hot beverage, perhaps with a splash of brandy… A delicious warm scent of Baked goods, fresh Coffee, Honey and Labdanum and Cognac.

This blend is something new to Mermade, and we are very pleased with the result! It was created in an ancient Neriko Style (Japanese kneaded incense) but with our special touch. I wanted to capture elements of Danish Hygge comfort…

I took huge soft Sultana Golden Raisins (organic) and soaked them in Brandy, Labdanum, Coffee Absolute, and black Frankincense oil for several months until they became a fragrant jam. Then by hand I ground the scented jam in a mortar and pestle with Agarwood Powder, Saigon Cinnamon, Honey Bee Propolis, Cistus herb …and a lot of Hygge….then rolled them into small cakes.

They remain slightly malleable and are delightfully fragrant. Just one on the Heater fills the room with delicious edible notes of  “olfactory comfort”

When heating Hygge Fireside, set at a slightly lower temperature. After it gets warm and fragrant, the cake may be broken up to get more scent.

This price is for 10 cakes packed with a few tears of Kua Myrrh in a metal tin

What is Hygge?

Hygge is pronounced ‘hue-gah’...

“Hygge can be best described as enjoying life’s simple pleasures, “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture),” according to a classic dictionary definition. The main idea of hygge, in terms of decor, is to create a peaceful, serene space , warm and tactile.

 There is no single English translation for hygge, but it is often characterized as ‘togetherness’ or ‘coziness.’

“Hygge” is a Danish word that has roots in the Old Norse word “hugga,” which means to console or give comfort. The ancient word is also the source of the English word “hug.”

The idea of hygge encompasses the act of acknowledging a feeling or moment as being cozy or special in some way. This could be while you're alone or with family, and it could be when you're home or when you're out. It can be practiced at any time. Yes, hygge revolves around being comfortable, and what you eat is an essential part of creating a cozy atmosphere. Homemade goodies, comfort food, and warm drinks, and incense are all extremely comforting things. 

Or, if you want to get extremely hygge, you can't do much better than creating a fire in the winter and cozying up to it with your loved ones. Fireside is the ultimate hygge sanctuary—especially if you include hot drinks and warm blankets and maybe some delicious smells"

When you're drinking your morning coffee, or that moment that you first crawl into bed at night—take a minute to just feel the comfort and use all of your senses to create an experience for yourself that is memorable and makes you happy.”



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