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Heart Wood - A blend of fine woods and resins

"Heart Wood"


Heartwood and Holy Wood are based in the soft fragrant woods that are at the heart of the tree.

Soft and healing aromas that are soothing to the body and soul. I have ground the resins and woods into a very fine powder that melds their scents perfectly. Can be heated for light subtle fragrance all day on the heater or sprinkled  on charcoal to fill the air with goodness instantly.


Heart Wood  features the sweet elegance of Sandalwood and it contains:


Palo Santo

Lots of Fir Balsam

Extra fine Sandalwood we get from Japan

Nepalese Juniper

Black Frankincense



Holy Wood features cleansing  and healing herbs, woods and  resins, it contains:


Palo Santo

White sage (from our Garden)

Black Frankincense

Copal Blanco

Peru Balsam

Fir Balsam

Port Orford Cedar

Nepalese Juniper



These .5 oz. blends come in a glass vial, sealed with Beeswax.

Maybe bought separately or buy  together and save.


Every country in every part of the world has its botanical treasures, the greatest of which are so important to the society that they become pillars of the culture.  Palo Santo is one such medicine. It\'s healing powers are so numerous that it has served as a panacea for areas of South America for centuries. Its use in sacred ritual is so powerful that it is an essential tool for Shamans and Saints alike. And its aroma is so incredible that it stands among the greatest of the world\'s fragrant woods. Because of the extraordinary blessings it bestows upon those who have the good fortune use it, over time, plant-medicines such as Palo Santo reach divine-like status in the hearts and minds of the people.


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