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Green Faerie - a Visionary Blend


The allure of absinthe, artemisia, and jasmine in moonlight…


An unusual and enchanting mixture that brings visions of delight. Resins blended with the  heady scents of a Summer Garden. Fresh herbs picked at Summer Solstice combined with sweet Sandalwood and Green Frankincense. The “spirits” insisted on a hint of night Jasmine.


Green Faerie features 4 types of herbs:

Wormwood (as in absinthe) Just picked from our garden

Tagetes Lucida for that wonderful green anise scent with visionary qualities

Davana, a beautifully fragrant herb from India

Egyptian Mint, from our garden



Mastic dipped in Fir balsam

Green Frankincense (the last of my stash) dipped in Violet Leaf Absolute

Hougary Oman Frankincense


Blended in base with Rhododendron flowers and herb from Nepal and fine heartwood Sandalwood


Quite unique and aromatically narcotic.


1 oz. comes in a Black Tin topped with a fresh sprig of Wormwood


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