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Oud Kyphi - .75 oz

The Kyphi fragrance everyone has loved for over 20 years is back.


These pellets are a newly refined blend, with more fragrant ingredients, and amazing Oud from Thailand . It smells so sensuous and sacred….


If you have enjoyed my Oud Kyphi creations in the past, then you will love this blend. The Traditional ingredients are there but the blending process is a new one I have developed, making it possible for me to blend "Kyphi -style" again.


We will be able to create this Kyphi style incense throughout the year.   This is not a traditional Egyptian process but the botanicals, resins, and spices are. Just because the complicated method of blending has been simplified does not mean the intention and care has been neglected. 


I hope that this new type of Kyphi will bring the same joy and sensuous beauty as the old formula. I believe it will.


(and be sure to burn the powdered agarwood the pellets are packed in!)




Oud (Agarwood Essential oil)

Frankincense - Hougary, Black Sacra, and Honey

Myrrh - Yemeni


Chios Mastic

Saigon Cinnamon

Iranian Galbanum

Dusted with Agarwood powder


This price is for  .75 oz (about 18 pieces) in an amber jar topped with an “Incense Goddess” label by Katlyn



From Mike at ORS:

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