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Fortuna - An Incense offering for Abundance


In these difficult times,  we may feel that fortune has flown past us.  We know these times will pass and we must remain grateful and open to good fortune coming our way. This incense was created to help us remember that prosperity has many faces and it will return ...

. …yet it never hurts to make an offering to the Lady of Good Luck and Abundance, Fortuna.

Fortuna incense is a rich blend with positive solar energy, and traditional botanicals to bring prosperity and please Lady Luck. I consulted all my old formularies and with a bit of meditation and intuition created this incense. It is warm and delicious, potent with unique types of citrus, herbs, spices, and resins. There are even flecks of gold leaf in the blend!

Burn it with the intent for a bright future and prosperous New Year!

I recommend creating your own intentional ritual with which to offer this incense to honor Fortuna. Perhaps burn a gold or green candle drink some Cinnamon Tea and place a Bay leaf in your wallet.

A Fresh Bay Leaf (in each jar of  Fortuna)

In each jar of  Fortuna Incense, there is  a whole fresh Bay Laurel Leave from our tree (which is huge!) Bay leaves have long been used in prosperity magic and known for their anti-anxiety properties. It is an old tradition to place a fresh Bay leaf in your wallet or purse to draw prosperity.

Fortuna Incense Contains:

Kaffir Lime Leaves, Chinese Anise seed pods, Lemon Verbena, Galangal root, Saigon Cinnamon, Bitter Orange oil, Petitgrain oil, Green Frankincense, Carterii Frankincense, Rose petals

1 oz of Fortuna topped with a fresh Bay Leaf comes in an airtight jar 

On the Goddess Fortuna (Tyche)

The ancient Roman Goddess of fortune and luck is Fortuna, sister to Tyche in Greece.  The name Fortuna is rooted in the Latin fero, meaning “to bring, win, receive, or get”. As the daughter of the God Jupiter, she can bring bounty and prosperity if she smiles on you! As you can imagine, she is/was a very popular Goddess, with many trying to court her favor. Roman Emperors kept their personal Fortuna’s in their sleeping quarters, hoping she would bring good fortune to their reign. In the Greco-Egyptian world, Fortuna was syncretized with Isis as was Tyche.

 Anyone with particularly good  luck was said to have her or his own “Fortuna.” Fortuna even had Her own oracular shrines. Her symbols include the Wheel of Fate, a sphere representing the World that She rules, the cornucopia of plenty, and a rudder with which She steers Fate. When Fortuna is depicted specifically as Isis Fortuna, She also wears the horns and disk crown of the abundant Egyptian Cow Goddess; thus reuniting the Egyptian symbols of cow and rudder in the figure of the Goddess Isis.


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