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Faunus - WildWood Blend


A deeply green incense to evoke the wild wood…


Rich with Fir Balsam resin and Cedar tips, in a base of Fragrant woods and resins. Perfect for Summer revels or to bring the scents of the forest into your home to cool your refresh your spirit. Come and commune with Faunus, the god of wild nature and hidden groves.


Faunus was a Roman Forest god. The Romans identified him with the Greek god Pan. Sometimes the Greek god Pan was associated with the different Roman deity Silvanus, the god of wild nature. Like his Greek counterpart, he had the legs and horns of a goat.

Faunus was an oracular deity. He was able to predict the future that was revealed to him in dreams or in supernatural voices coming from sacred groves. He was also considered a very good musician.


This price is for 1 oz. in a green airtight jar



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