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Emerald Temple - Katlyn's Kyphi "Green"


This Kyphi style blend contains some of my very favorite aromas…cooling resins and jammy green forest notes, with fine green Frankincense. Fit for a temple hidden in a sacred grove…


This blend contains:


- Fir Balsam raw resin (thank you Be:) we call it the “Golden Elixir”  - the sweetness of the forest


- Green Frankincense (Sacra of Oman) is the last of our current stock, the finest quality resin


- Copal Blanco with its fresh uplifting aroma


- Fir Balsam Absolute, with its deep green jammy goodness


-  Cedar (Thuja) essential oil


- Benzoin Essential oil (molecular distillation)


- Chios Mastic - luscious fine chewable grade resin, with its healing aromatic fragrance


- Dusted in green fragrant Arbor vitae (Green Cedar) powder


Hint on burning Emerald Temple: Place 2 pellets on the Heater at full temp, it will begin to bubble. The full scent is released after it settles, the scent will last for many hours,  sharing a lovely smooth aroma to grace your day



Made with conscious care by "the Mermaids" (Katlyn , Megan and Lainey Breene) We think you will love this one! 


This price is for .75 of an oz, about 17-18 pellets in an air-tight jar






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