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Claro de Luz - Purifying Resins of Latin America


“Clear Light”


A blend of traditional sacred purifying and blessing resins of Latin American origins. These fragrant and powerful resins have been carefully ground into the finest powder to enable a billow of sweet and sacred smoke to rise up when sprinkled over a hot charcoal.


Use Claro de Luz to protect your home or business.  Direct the smoke around all portals to prevent misfortune from entering.


We recommend using our Ceremonial Censer, censer Sand and charcoal with this powdered blend.


Claro de Luz is also lovely on the heater, warm and invigorating.


Contains powdered:


- Breu Claro

- Copal Blanco

- Palo Santo wood and Resin

- Homegrown White Sage

- Benzoin


I designed The Mandala on the top of the jar myself, to act as a protective talisman.



1.5 oz in an airtight jar


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