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Cedar Chest - Fine Aromatic woods

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A scent of fine woods and fond memories…now enhanced with more of that wonderful cedar aroma

 Antique Camphor and Cedar aromas with Himalayan Juniper and Kua Myrrh and Chios MasticI have always longed to recreate the scent of an old hope chest, deep woody notes with hints of camphor and time. The scent memory of my Grandmother opening her old camphor chest her father brought from China, filled with souvenirs and treasures and an aroma I will never forget. 

 After many years of experimenting, I think “Cedar Chest “ has captured it. When woods are burned alone as incense that tends to be smoky, but when careful blended and held by soft resins and aged oils, with a  pinch of the finest Borneo Camphor the result is wonderful and true to Grandma’s chest.

 This blend is perfect anytime and a teaspoon on the heater will last all day, filling the room not with perfume or forest notes but clean warm aromatic woods. 

 I believe this will be a new favorite at Mermade.


This blend is best experienced on an Electric Heater like Golden Lotus. 



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