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Black Flower - Black Frankincense and Vanilla


A very Special Lubana style Incense blend, featuring fresh Vanilla Pods from Madagascar and Black Frankincense.


This combination was a delightful surprise, it has a delicious, sweet, and sensual scent. 


The history of Vanilla is fascinating and complex and while creating this blend I went on quite an aromatic journey. Here is a sensuous look at Vanilla I particularly liked from a Perfumers perspective ...

The Hidden Story of Vanilla


No,  Vanilla flowers are not black, but the name “Black Flower”  I found represented this incense very well. The name does have a historical (but mistranslated from the Aztec) connection.


1 oz in an airtight bag




Extra fine ground Vanilla pods

Black Oman Frankincense

Powdered Dark Benzoin with hints of Labdanum, Vetiver, and Agarwood


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