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Beeloved - Honey Amber


In honor of the life-giving Bees and the sweetness they bring.


Incense “bees” of Warm Honey Amber resins blended with bit of Propolis and a drop Honey.

Enriched with Labdanum resin, Styrax, Beeswax absolute, and nested in  Sweet Grass and Honey Frankincense. 


Beloved is like “Sweet Medicine” in a Kyphi Style blend. Resinous amber scents with the hive -like notes of the bees. The Sweet Grass they rest in is home grown (from Be-enForet) and ground together with Honey Frankincense, be sure to burn a bit with the resin cakes for a nice Coumarin note.


The Cakes are sweet but not too sweet, with a natural amber aroma, dusted with Agarwood.


Each Resin “Bee” contains:


- Dark and Golden Benzoin

- Black and Honey Frankincense (Oman)

- Labdanum Resin warmed in Honey

- Styrax (Liquidambar)

- Monarda (Bee Balm) Herb and oil

- Propolis and Bee’s wax Absolute

- Agarwood and Sweet Grass


This price is for .5 oz + (about 12 pieces) nested in Sweet Grass, in a golden tin



My tribute to the Bees:




There is treasure we're told

In the syrup of gold,

In the humming castles of wax.

Holding fine ancient notions

Of healing love potions,

Which the bees caravan on their backs.

Flower to flower

They all the buzz the bower,

Like Eros with quiver and bow

And each darling petal

Shall never be settled,

Till caressed by the sex dust they sow

And when it is dark

We kindle a spark,

And rooms become warm and aglow.

By a Bees candle bright

By that ambery light

We nestle and wrestle and know.

Liquid amber they pour

Sticky stuff, we adore,

without them, our lives are less sweet.

Like earth and the trees

How fragile are bees

Think of that the next time that you tweet.

Plant a sunflower seed

Tend a flowering weed,

Give back to those from whom we take.

Promote pollination

Through plant fornication,

The wonderous love the bees make.


Katlyn Breene 6/11





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