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Agarwood Amber - Oud Kyphi and Agar Chips


A rich blend of precious wood and resin…an Oud lovers delight…


In each amber glass jar is a combination of Chips of Thai Agarwood that have been misted with fine Oud and pellets of Amber Oud Kyphi.


Deep, sensuous, and decadent.




- Thai Agarwood (sustainably grown)

- Oud

- Oman Frankincense

- Yemeni Myrrh

- Dark Benzoin

- Saigon Cinnamon

- High-Grade Agarwood powder

- Labdanum Resin, Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin Absolute


This price is for .5 oz  - Agarwood and about 13 pellets of Kyphi - in an amber glass jar and gift pouch


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