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Forest Path - Esprit de la Nature


“Forest Path” yincense is a breeze-born blend inspired by the fragrances I smell as I tend my woodland gardens.  The gardens are connected by trails that ramble through the forest.  Early in the morning, on summer days, I walk the woodland paths from garden to garden tending and harvesting plants. As I travel through the forest fragrances of, mosses and conifers mingle with vanilla-scented wildflower growing in the sunny turns in the trails.  As I approach the gardens, perfuming the air along with their wild sister, I catch whiffs of the cultivated green herbs and flowers.  It is a moment of incense on the breeze and sunlight in my soul.


From the woods:  Balsam Fir Resin, White Cedarwood covered with Tree Moss

From the forest path: Wild Meadowsweet and Sweet clover

From the garden: Lavender mingled with Rose scented Monarde


Yincense should be heated at a low temperature of around 100°F


  What is Yincense?


This price is for .5 oz. in a gold metal tin





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