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Wisdom of the Elders - Sacred Smoke


Wisdom of the Elders


Incense to honor our ancestors….

At this time of year, it is good to take some time to pay respects to those upon whose shoulders we stand, To ask for guidance and show our gratitude. This blend can be used on the Electric heater, or better yet, on charcoal under a full moon. It was blended to honor the wisdom of heaven and earth with traditional plant allies.

Take some time to enjoy this clearing blend and send up a scented prayer on the wings of the sacred smoke.


1 oz. comes in an Amber jar topped with a Moon shell



Moon - Myrrh

Sun - Frankincense

Death/ Transformation - Copal Blanco and Negro

Birth / The Midwife - Sweet grass and Crimson Kua

Medicine Worker- Palo Santo

Shaman - Breu Claro

Earth - Pinon pine, cedar

Star Nation - Sage




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