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Shades - Roots and Resins

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A unique incense creation for the dark time of the year….Beautiful and strange


This incense is very different from other Hallows blends I have made. Shades has the familiar base of deep earth notes of Mermade blends but with unusual and compelling top notes. The fragrance combination came from a  scent story that inspired me and just evolved, coming together in a wonderful way.


It holds a dark and evocative mystery that lingers in the air like a Shade long after the resins and roots have given up their scent. When I first placed it on the Electric heater it spoke of the underworld but with haunting notes of dark forests and Borneol camphor. It left an elegant but chthonic aroma.


Shades…the  scent story


A Gothic scene ….Dark yet glowing with moonlight, surrounded by ancient trees. Underfoot, the loamey soil releases a rich aroma. There is a sense of history emerging into the night like a fragrance.

The presence of other souls, like the Shades of the past feel near -   after all, it is that time when the veil is thin.





Black Frankincense

Kua Myrrh

Vetiver roots

Costus Roots

Nard Roots

Borneol Camphor

Hinoki Essential oil (Dark Green)


This price is for 1 oz. in an amber jar



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Only 1 left!