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Purple Sage - Sacred Desert Blend


A bright refreshing blend of Fresh Desert Sages and botanicals, smoothed with Resins and a hint of forest balsam.  A happy invigorating blend to help us through the heat of summer.


Makes a wonderful purifying incense for Smudging and Home Blessing. But Its sweet lively green scent will please the heart at any time.


One morning I walked into the Desert Garden and was greeted by an amazing display of Purple Sage flowers. Their scent was sweet and clean and lifted my spirits instantly. I knew they would be the inspiration for the next Mermade incense blend. Also  “The Old Man” White Apiana sage bush was sporting 7-foot-tall white flower stalks, calling out to join the mix. He has been growing here against the odds for over 12 years!


The garden has so many types of Sage (Salvia and Artemesia), Desert Purple Sage (Salvia dorrii ), Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata),  Salvia clevelandii, Black Sage (Salvia mellifera),  White sage (Salvia Apiana), Greek sage (Salvia fruticosa)  and Mexican Sage brush (Salvia leucantha) , and I am still collecting. They are all represented in this blend, along with Chaparral (Creosote)  and Sweet Grass (from Be en Foret:).


They were harvested with care and gratitude


These fresh healing plants and flowers are ground in a base of White Royal Frankincense, Galbanum, Breu claro, and Pinon Pine.


This price is for 1oz in a green airtight jar, topped with a Salvia dorrii Desert Purple Sage flower


“The Old Man”


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