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Breu Negro - Dark Protium heptaphyllum - Brazil 2 oz.


Breu Negro  - Amazonian resin is often locally referred to as breu

This Breu is dark in color and has a softer earthier aroma than Breu Claro. 

 This beautiful resin comes from our friend in Brazil, harvested by the native peoples of the Amazon Rainforest.   Very pure, with a mystical energy of the wild forest. 

  Unlike Copal Blanco, it does not exude a strong fragrance until it is burned, but it is a very fragrant smoke. Soft and woodsy, with a tropical green/floral scent to it. This resin does have that musty scent that many rainforest resins have. It was collected with care and intention by people who use this incense for ceremony.

Deeply cleansing and aromatically sweet and uplifting. The “Frankincense of Amazonia”. 

It has medicinal properties :

 - anti-depressant, sedative

 - anti -microbial

 - anti-inflammatory

It is traditionally burned on coals, but for less smoke, the electric heater works well. The smoke itself holds a lot transformative properties. 

 Said to bring creativity, grounding and calming, helping people connect to the deeper levels of their soul. Healing, purifier, cleansing and protects the spirit. A gift of magickal vision.

"Today, incenses continue to play a significant ceremonial and symbolic role during the commencement of entheogenic rituals around the world. Breuzinho (from Protium heptaphyllum and Protium spp.) is the main incense burned by the partakers of the sacred Ayahuasca and the Santo Daime movement “

From Plant Resins by Jean  H. Langenheim:

Elemi exported from Brazil, called hard elemi or Brazilian elemi, is obtained from species of Protium, particularly P. icicariba and P. heptaphyllum. Many of the 100 or more species of Protium in the New World tropics occur in Brazil and yield resin; in Amazonia, the resin is often locally referred to as breu. The resin is very fragrant and used locally for incense and ceremony. 



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