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Foil Cups - Large - Flat Bottom/Re-usable


Back by popular demand...

These are a larger size Foil Cup for use in the Golden Lotus Electric Incense Heater. The bottom is flat with more space for incense to contact the heat. The only disadvantage to these cups is that the heater lid does not fit properly over them. Many customers prefer the larger size and don't mind not using the lid.

These cups can be used more than once, even with the most sticky types of incense.  After it cools, the residue can be pressed out easily. Made to be safe at high heat.

They should be used without the metal dish that comes with most heaters. Lightweight, yet they hold their shape well and are easily placed and removed from the heat source with tongs or pinchers. 

The cups will increase the heat (due to closer contact) when used without the metal dish in the Golden Lotus Heater

Also works with charcoal.

This price is for 25 cups 

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