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Candle Heater - Carved Soapstone - 5"

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A gentle way to heat your resins and blends…with candlelight.

We selected this soapstone heater/diffuser for it’s lovely and simple design and also its height. So many of these Diffusers are too close to the flame (IMO) This carved candle heater is a great alternative when power for the electric heater is unavailable. 

 The soapstone heater is carved in natural warm earth tone with a good size bowl.

 To use with incense resins just place a gold foil or foil cup in the top bowl to protect and keep it clean from residue. Place a votive candle in the alcove below, light it, and then replace the bowl and add your incense.

 It will take a while to heat up, this is a gentle heat and the scent will be released slowly over a long period of time.

It creates a lovely atmospheric mood with candlelight and scent….

 It may also be used with essential oils as a diffuser. Just fill the bowl with water (or use a Foil Cup inside the bowl) and a few drops of Essential oil, light the candle and the aroma slowly fill the air. 

This price includes samples of Gold Foils and Foils Cups

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Only 2 left!