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Black Currant Oud Balm

The combination of Oud and Black Current Bud Absolute is simply exquisite, warm and woody with a hint of deep fruit. Like the fruity note in some of the finest Ouds, not sweet, but rich.  Just the right note to elevate the agarwood.

This balm melts into the skin with a sensuous scent that draws the nose back again and again. Soft yet compelling.


Enhancing one’s own natural pheromones, and drawing others near you.


I used a blend of Ouds in this Balm, A Thai oud from Rising Phoenix and  “Komrad K” from Ensar.


Black Currant Oud comes in a heavy glass balm pot with a golden embossed lid, in an iridescent blue /violet tasseled pouch.


All my aromatic balms are blended in a base of  Beeswax and Organic Golden Jojoba.
They are carefully infused with essential oils, absolutes and concretes - The finest Oud , incense notes, and our own signature oil blends are at the heart of these emollient balms. The Floral notes are like smelling a fresh blossom, I use the finest concretes available. 
Apply balm to your pulse points or simply rub a bit between your hands and breath in the warm fresh scent. 

These balms are created in small batches -  blended and poured one at a time.



On "Komrad K" Oud:


“Komrad K sits you down for a swipe at an indie oud café tucked away between Kampot and the Vietnam border, where Kambodis smell of black tea 

A smooth move from any EDP  into a more sensual world of primal aromatic wonder.


To spice things up even more: This is a montage of mostly wild (60-70%) Cambodian aquilarias collected from across the country (including the big guns Kampong Speu, Koh Kong, and Pursat) and locally cultivated Cambodian crassnas

They’re resin roughing it old-school oils, where Komrad K is bohemian black, imbued with olde pu-erh and osmanthus-laced tobacco leaf, and no trace of animalics to mime its earthy cool.


You smell the tropical floral hues of gyrinops, not the yellow peaches of Trat. Less of Walla’s mimosa and more white lotus. There’s the absence of raw red, swapped for forest-lush pine notes you’d expect from Sumatran steam distills. Instead of a single hydro run, our risky two-step distillation experiment infused Komrad K with vanilla-sweet green amidst the pu-erh in a profile that ought to be all apricots and pears; ought to only exist in ouds with a high concentration oleoresin… i.e the smell of oud that’s sold for much more than this.”


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