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Aphrodesia Balm - Rose in Amber

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A Rose in Amber...

A sensual fragrance inspired by the Greek Goddess of Love...
It has a heart of Rosa centifolia concrete (like fresh rose petals!)
with rich incense base notes of Dark Labdanum, amber Benzoin Resins, and drops of pure sweet Vanilla.

Blended with traditional Erotic scents to inspire a sensuous atmosphere..

All my aromatic balms are blended in a base of  Beeswax and Organic Golden Jojoba.
They are carefully infused with essential oils, absolutes and concretes - The finest Oud, incense notes, and our own signature oil blends are at the heart of these emollient balms. The Floral notes are like smelling a fresh blossom, I use the finest concretes available. 
Apply balm to your pulse points or simply rub a bit between your hands and breath in the warm fresh scent. 

These balms are created in small batches -  blended and poured one at a time.




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