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Rhododendron Leaves and Flowers - 1 oz. Rhododendron anthopogen, Nepal


This is the heart of many Tibetan and Nepalese incenses. It is the national plant of Nepal.

The Aroma is divine. I call it a  "Green Honey" Scent and it is absolutely one of my favorite herbs on the heater. It's cooling, relaxing, fresh floral, the balsamic aroma is very grounding and healing.
 - Rhododendron anthopogon grows at altitudes of about 4.000 meters above sea level, and to a height of about one meter tall. Its pale yellow flowers bloom from late May to mid-June. Sherpas and Tibetans call it the sacred shrub because it gives off an aromatic scent that is believed to make you happy. The villagers collect and use its leaves as incense.
From a Buddhist viewpoint, the petals of the rhododendron tree are said to be the tears of the bodhisattva "Loving Eyes" and symbolize the united compassion of all Buddhas.

 - This particular variety of rhododendron is used widely throughout Nepal as a popular incense to cleanse the surroundings. The flowers and leaves are commonly made into a tea and used by healers in the Himalayas to increase appetite and treat disorders of the liver. The tea is also used to treat a sore throat, nausea, and headaches.

People of the Himalayas consider this plant to be sacred and often burn it in offering to bring harmony to the spirits of the earth.

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