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"Tears of the Sun" Hougary /Large White tears - 2 oz.

Extra Large tears of white Hougary (Hojari) 

Large tears of  golden white light....

We call these beautiful Omani drops of fine Frankincnse, Tears of the Sun.... some of the most fragrantl White Hougary we ever imported. It has rich a sweet balsamic pine scent. The light  color, the size and scent of each tear is extraordinary.

Hougary comes in large roundish drops or tears and we recommended that you pulverize , breakup slightly before burning to allow it burn evenly and disperse its scent quickly. Though you can place a whole tear on an electric heater or charcoal, and it will melt and release its heavenly scent. 

Hougary (also spelled hawjari, hojari, hogary) Oman Frankincense resin is Boswellia sacra - Superior grade frankincense from the Dhofar region of Oman. Considered by many to be the finest frankincense in the world, Hougary is primarily the larger selected white and lemon-white colored frankincense resins. It comes only from Dhofar region of Oman, whose arid growing conditions are ideal for fine quality frankincense resin.
Superior Hougary frankincense resins produce beautiful light, bright, citrus aromas with slight underlying woody and balsamic tones. Of the frankincense resins from Oman, Hougary is the most sought after
of all.

Remember that you can "flip over" the tear on the heater to get even more scent - See the Golden Lotus Heater video form Carl Neal for more tips. 

This price is for 2 oz.

We recommend burning this on the Golden Lotus Electric heater or burning in the traditional way on Charcoal.



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