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Pastilles - Relaxing Frankincense with Labdanum & Myrrh


My Favorite -   a perfect drop of Fine Frankincense and Myrrh with the sweet amber  of Labdanum

Soothing, sexy and relaxing...

Mermade Incense Pastilles - The new way to enjoy the best in Frankincense! -  Pastille is an old term for a small cake or lozenge of incense resin, fragrant materials, or hard candy.   We have created pastilles of pure resin and essential oil to bring you an amazing incense experience. No fillers or binders, just resin, and oil. They are made by powdering our favorite  Frankincense (Black, Green and White Hojari), Yemeni Myrrh, plus a bit of sweet Benzoin and melded them together with Labdanum Absolute to enhance the scent in a wonderful way. Perfect on the electric heater to experience every nuance of the fragrant resin. They melt and slowly bubble in an amber pool to release a pure scent.

Pastilles are very labor-intensive, but one of my favorite incense creations yet. Warm, resinous and deliciously Amber

This price is for about 21or more  pastilles in an amber glass jar.


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