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Light Green Frankincense - Sample

Samples Packet - 3.5 grams (2-5 tears

Discover the meaning of fine Frankincense….

This is some of the finest and freshest resin we have ever been able to offer. The aroma is simply transcendent ,  the clarity and color divine….. 

Don’t miss harvest, we never know when we can get it again. It takes sorting and handpicking through hundreds of kilos of Fine Sacra Frankincense to get one of Light Green Sacra. The harvest must be at its peak of fragrance and quality to produce this level of beautiful frankincense tears.


From Katlyn:

We have the pleasure of getting to smell a lot of Frankincense from many parts of the world…they range from dark and earthy to sweet and sacred.
But if you want to try the kind of frankincense that  has always inspired us and our work, this is the one,
Light Green Sacra from Oman.
We are blessed to have this wonderful resin available to us directly from Oman.  

The color is luminous shades of green and shining seawater, the tears are varied in size but not in quality. Opalescent gems of resin, translucent and jewel-like that have that lovely dry lime /pine balsam scent.

To get real green frankincense sometimes you have to wait. It is hand sorted from the best harvests, each tear picked by hand from the rest. That is why the price can be high, but it is worth it, For Green Frank has a sweet clarity all its own. This harvest is highly recommended, don’t miss it. 

I pack it myself to assure that every jar has a variety of sizes and colors, but to be honest every tear has the same transporting aroma.

 Frankincense has been proven to lift the heart and the emotions  - relieve depression and anxiety - and this resin is one of the finest available.    It is expensive but the look and feel of it is ethereal, and the scent transporting.


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