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Green Jade Pearls - Frankincense - Oman Sacra - 1oz.

Only 2 left!

Jade Pearls are gorgeous pale green/white tears hand sorted from our Green and Deep Green frankincense.

The same elegant scent as our other green frankincense but they look like drops of condensed moonlight or celadon porcelain....

We know that Frankincense has been proven to lift the heart and the emotions  - relieve depression and anxiety - and this resin is one of the finest available.    

It is expensive but the look and feel of it is ethereal, and the scent transporting 

 This price is for a  1 oz. bag - We recommend burning this on the Golden Lotus Electric heater or gently on good charcoal.

We try to offer a variety of the finest frankincense available, they all have a scent and character that is unique, color and scent may vary from harvest to harvest

It is our belief that you will not find better quality frankincense anywhere.

Remember that you can "flip over" the tear on the heater to get even more scent - See the Golden Lotus Heater video from Carl Neal for more tips. 


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Only 2 left!