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Desert Rain Oil Blend

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A beautiful green desert oil….


A  unique oil blend to renew and refresh on a warm summer day. I like to carry this with me for quick pick me up, it just seems to make one happy and clear headed. It is also healing for the skin.


The ingredients are very special…


A fresh tincture of Chaparral (Creosote) from Arizona, the traditional scent of desert rain, in Olive oil.

Made with **extra** creosote to make it very potent and fragrant. Harvested at its peak juiciness.  The oil was glistening and the leaves were plump. Harvested ethically in the Sonoran Desert.


Blended with Sagebrush and Utah Juniper essential oil, co-distilled in Sedona. Excellent synergy and healing properties.


- Balsamic, Camphoraceous, Fresh, Piney, Woody


1 dram comes in a Green Glass vial


For more on Creosote see this great blog post from “Of sedge and salt”


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Only 4 left!