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Charcoal - Al Fakher - Quick lighting


These are very good quality at a great price. In my opinion, Al Fakhur is the best available in a quick lighting charcoal. Very little scent when lighting. Easy light, Good burn with compact ash. Mermade's new go-to quick light charcoal option. 

Al Fakher, the world famous shisha tobacco maker, has put their name on a quick starting charcoal.

Can be easily broken into smaller pieces for use when burning a small portion of incense.
These are very high quality quick-lighting each piece is 1.3 inches (33mm) in diameter. 

Lighting these coals are a breeze - simply hold one or two pieces with tongs, tweezers or chopsticks and light them with a lighter. They'll start to spark and will be completely ignited in less than a minute (for best results, wait until they are fully white in color with a good coating of ash before placing your incense). 

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