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Green Wood Balm

A cooling balm, like sitting in the shade of Fir Balsam Tree.


This balm is pure Beeswax and Jojoba oil to soothe the skin and imparts that amazing sweet green fragrance that Balsam Fir so generously shares with us. Scented  with fresh raw Fir Balsam resin (we call it Golden Elixir, thank you Be-en-Foret)

and also Fir Balsam Absolute which gives it a lovely light forest tint and a jammy aroma. Blended with the calming earthy base of Vetiver and a top note of Arbor Vitae White Cedar.


Comes in a glass Balm Pot and hunter green satin pouch


This stuff is magickal….dap it on and let it take you into the wild wood.


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