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August Moon Balm

This is a floral tea-inspired blend, featuring the blossoms of a Tea House...

Contains three precious flowers that grace teas as well as perfumes, and Violet leaf Absolute to add a fresh greenness and tea-like scent to the blend. There are even a few strands of extra fine Osmanthus Oolong in each pot.

Osmanthus flower - A luscious and very special Absolute. It has a soft incredibly rich, sweet, fruity-floral aroma  -  honeyed apricot and dried fruit nuances with light spicy notes of Black Pepper. There are also soft green and subtle precious wood notes. A rare and precious essence

Jasmine Flower Concrete - There is a sparkle to a good Jasmine Concrete, it is as close to the aroma of the fresh flower as you can get, I adore this concrete

Linden Flower - Its gentle, honeyed aroma is soothing and relaxing, Linden’s tea-like flowers are a frequent stop for bees who turn its sweet nectar into a delicious, aromatic, and medicinal honey


Violet Leaf Absolute - soft woody nuances, earthy and grassy. Very small amounts lends an unsurpassed elegance to certain floral blends. Violet Leaf Absolute is one of the costliest and most labor-intensive natural fragrance materials to produce 


August Moon Balm comes in a heavy glass balm pot in a white satin pouch.


All my aromatic balms are blended in a base of  Beeswax and Organic Golden Jojoba.
They are carefully infused with essential oils, absolutes and concretes - The finest Oud , incense notes, and our own signature oil blends are at the heart of these emollient balms. The Floral notes are like smelling a fresh blossom, I use the finest concretes available. 
Apply balm to your pulse points or simply rub a bit between your hands and breath in the warm fresh scent. 

These balms are created in small batches -  blended, and poured one at a time.


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