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Orris Root Powder - Dalmatia 1 oz.

Orris root powder is wonderful stuff , it smells like Violets.  It has a sweet powdery scent used in perfumery and in herbal sachets for Love . But its soft scent and pure white color also gives Orrris a magickal lunar magnetic quality. It makes scents cling and last, a classic incense and perfume fixative.

The root is a traditional love charm and a pinch of the powder put into amorous formulas. Orris essential oil (or Butter)  is very expensive but you can make your perfume by creating a Tincture with the powder  by letting it soak in alcohol.  The aroma of an orris root tincture is really beautiful and can make your natural perfume blends last longer. 

 Powdered orris root lends a pleasant scent to freshly laundered linens and to potpourri. In Japan it was used in the bath and as Body powder to protect from evil spirits.

 I have always used Orris to “fix” holiday Pomanders and “Kissing Oranges”. 

 On the traditional making of pomanders for the Winter holidays:

A Pomander is and orange that has been studded with Whole Cloves and gives the home a warm scent, they are  a beautiful holiday decoration lend an old time Yule feel . It is a symbol of the returning Sun and brings good fortune.

  -  Take firm orange , I like Valencia, and using a bodkin or large needle pierce the skin of the orange in a decorative pattern

 - Poke the clove buds in the orange carefully and thoughtfully. Think thoughts of abundance….

 “Just remember as you are sitting and poking cloves into oranges, that you are not simply making pomanders, but participating in a sacred craft that has been practiced for centuries”

  - When complete, place pomander in a paper bag with some orris root powder , this encourages them to dry evenly and retain their scent.  Other spices such as Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cardamom can be added to the bag. Roll the pomander in the spices and place it in a cool dry place , this is important to avoid mold, let it dry for 6-8 weeks. 

 - Check it periodically and roll it in the mixture. 

  - When dry it will be very fragrant and last for  years.

 Pomanders can also be hung with red ribbons in an entry way , like you would mistletoe , becoming a “Kissing Orange” . 




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