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Kwan Yin


Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition.

Also known as Quan\'Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and
Kanin (Bali), She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As the Bodhisattva of Compassion,
She hears the cries of all beings.

In many images She is depicted carrying the pearls of illumination.

Often Quan Yin is shown pouring a stream of healing water, the "Water of Life", from a small vase. With this water devotees and all living things are blessed with physical and spiritual peace.

There are numerous legends that recount the miracles which Quan Yin performs to help those who call on Her. Like Artemis, She is a virgin Goddess who protects women, offers them a religious life as an alternative to marriage, and grants children to those who desire them.