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Resins, Woods, Herbs

We are very proud of our selection of specially chosen resins, woods, and incense botanicals.  They are almost all directly sourced from their country of origin.  Mermade only offers incense materials we think are the finest in freshness and quality.

Many resins we offer are very beautiful in appearance.  We want you to see and experience them in their finest form and since we do not sell bulk amounts, we take time to clean and sort the resins.  Some resins we call "prepared and sorted", they are separated into smaller censer sized pieces and prepared to bring out their inner beauty and color.  We believe that incense should appeal to the eye as well as the nose...

There is also a category offering all you need to create your own incense sticks or cones.  We are one of the only sources for Laha powder in the US.  It is a versatile incense binder from Nepal.  We feature a great selection of incense wood base powders as well.


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