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Esprit de la Nature

Esprit de la Nature – encens ecologique

 Very special herb and resin incense blends featuring the fresh scent of wildcrafted herbs and flowers and natural Fir Balsam Resin.

 We are honored to able to offer this wonderful line of incense wildcrafted in the fragrant forests of Quebec. These blends are consciously crafted by our friend and renaissance woman of the wilds, Bonnie Kerr, “Be-en-Foret” . The botanicals used are carefully harvested on her land where she stewards Terre a Terre a permaculture farm and eco-learning retreat, completely off the grid.  

 It is a rare treat to be able to experience an incense so lovingly made and close to earth.

 These are aromatic treasures, with a scent beyond words. Transporting one to a remote and pristine forest.  In the tradition of Earth Church … aromatic excellence and green alchemy.

 We know you will be deeply moved by the magick of this fine incense and fall in love with them as we have…

Bonnie Kerr is an herbalist, a gardener, a cook, a writer, and an artist. She gives workshops and writes about living a green lifestyle for alternative journals and on her blog. She studied Herbalism with the Dominion Herbal College, British Columbia and Herboliste Academy of Montreal but it is working with the plant themselves that has taught her the most. She is also a member of the Quebec Guild of Herbalists.