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Golden Lotus Electric Incense Heater


We are very pleased to be able to offer this beautiful, reliable and easy to use Electric Heater. Unlike Charcoal for burning incense, you have control over the level of heat and therefore you will receive the greatest benefit, scent and subtle aroma from fine natural ingredients with very little smoke. It lets the incense gently warm up and release its scent.  We recommend this heater for fine Agarwood , Sandalwood chips and also resins. 
The Golden Lotus electric incense heater is thermostatically controlled to enable use with many different types of fragrances, incense resins and gums, powdered incense , bakhoor, wood chips, soft and hard dhoops, simmering granules, scented wax, herbs, flower petals, and essential oils.
The best setting to use will depend on the type of material being burned, and your own personal preference.
We recommend for most incense that you turn the Thermostat to the maximum setting.
The maximum setting on the thermostat control shows 250C, but the actual temperature
cycles between 265C and 280C.  
This heater provides a gentle heat that cycles so there is no fear of overheating or scorching your incense.
It is meant to bring forth scent and not smoke, so if you desire more smoke from your incense, use traditional charcoal and a resin censer.
For oils and waxes use a lower setting, experiment to see what works for you and the material you are heating.
Note that it may take a minute or two for the scent to begin to be released.

Basic Guide

- Press a single layer of foil into the metal dish or place a foil cup directly on the heating surface. Mermade carries beautiful gold squares of foil and cups for this purpose.
 - Plug in and turn the heater on by adjusting the inline thermostat control knob. The red light shows that the power is on. We find that a maximum setting works best for most woods and resins.
 - Place incense onto the foil with the small spoon provided. Place the metal dish with incense on the hot surface of the heater until it has released all its fragrance or has turned dark. Delicate woods and resins may vary in the time needed, but since the temperature is controlled it will not scorch or flame.
 - Be sure to always place the heater on its circular base when in use
 - Putting the lid on the heater while in use helps to keep in the heat. It is also traditional not to “clean” a censer lid that is used for fine incense, for over the years the residue that collects inside will be a fragrant history, especially if you are heating fine woods like Agar and Sandalwood.
 - Do not reuse the foil. Dispose of it with the incense residue when the metal dish cools or remove it with the incense pinchers provided, Foil cups may be used more than once. The Cups are re-usable 2 or 3 times each.
 - Please be sure that you turn the thermostat control to the off position after use.
Ceramic Heater with lid, metal dish, and base, implements (spoon and pinchers), Foil sheets an cups sample, Incense samples, Satin lined Gift Box, 120 v, U.S. 2 prong plug

For a great Video on all about the Golden Lotus by Carl Neal - "Using the Golden Lotus Electric Incense Heater"